Monthly Archives: January 2014

These are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 58: Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade

Hey kids! It’s time we put down the sodas for a while and talk about Corgis. That’s fine, right? Thanks to They Might Be Giants for the use of our theme song, Exquisite Dead Guy

These are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 57: Natural Brew Vanilla Creme

We’re back! Sorry this took so long. This episode was literally recorded in the summer and it took me this long to post it because it was so gross. But we’re here now and now you can be grossed out …

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Perpetual Noob Machine: Year in Review, 2013!

Hey guys. It’s time to talk about all those messes we made in the past year. If you want to follow along with our butts discussion, head on over to and check out our butt gallery! Fantastic. I don’t …

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Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 19: Drift City: Mittron Madness


Hey, it’s time to listen a game about cars and shit! Emphasis on one of those! We played Drift City in December, and it was a heck of a time. You can listen to it now, here, thanks to the …

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