A Better Show Episode 1: One Click to Croatia


Hey, ladies and gentlemen!  We’re pleased to introduce to you the first episode of our newest show, A Better Show.  Bob and I decided that we don’t chatter at each other enough, and we still play off each other damn well, so we put together a program for you.  It’s a talk show!  We have segments and everything!

This is meant also as a prime location for And Better related news, as well as audience participation.  Let’s make this totally sweet.

Do you want to submit Snap Decisions?  Because we want you to!  You can either hop over to AndBetter.org/forums, or our Facebook Fan Page, and we will completely use them during our show.

And here are your show notes!

Smash Mouth ate the Eggs!

Nuclear Delight!

We Drink Ritalin!

And thank you to Mr. Coulton for making Better under Creative Commons, so we can get away with using it as a theme.

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