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These are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 116: Golden Circle Orange & Mango


Abi and Bill are back to warm your hearts and minds in this cold cold season with the tropical tastes of backwards summer! Enjoy that classic O&M (Orange & (and) Mango) Flavor! Thanks to They Might Be Giants for the …

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Status Update!

Hey folks! You may’ve noticed that we haven’t been posting much on here over the past year, so I figure now’s probably a good time to let everyone know what’s up. 1. These Are Some of the Sodas We Like: …

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Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 30: Arche Age

In all its glory

Hey kids! It’s time for another exciting episode of us being pirates. This month the game decides to help out! As always thanks to Shael Riley for the use of our theme song. The monthly butt! We’re either invading a …

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These are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 79: Strawberry Soda Shaq

Which is obviously nothing.

We did it we have tried EVERY SHAQ THAT HAS COME FROM SHAQ. Wait, that may not be right. I’m as delirious posting these as we were recording them. Did you ever notice that Delirious and Delicious are spelled practically …

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Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 10: Tera


Alright alright, we’re here!  Sorry it took so long, the uploader wouldn’t work right. WORTH IT THOUGH THIS GAME IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS.  This month we played Tera.  Look below!  Gaze on it’s splendor! Or click the episode and …

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The World as We See It: Episode 5 – Matt, the recovering ethicist

Hi Listeners!  Brian here with the most recent episode of The World as We See It.  This episode features our first non-American guest, Matt.  I met Matt while staying in St. Catherines, just outside of Niagara Falls. Matt and Andy …

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Gone Cruisin’

Just wanted to pop in and say that there will be no new shows this weekend or next, as Brian and I will be off on JoCo Cruise Crazy II. Who knows, maybe we’ll come back with something sweet! Seeya …

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Holy Crap!

So, remember back in Episode 14, how we were talking about the Pie Championship?  Well we were dead serious, and while I still haven’t gotten any pie stories in my inbox (email me,, we do have distinct proof that …

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Whoa there!

Sorry, we took an unannounced week off due to Geek.Kon.  We did not get the opportunity to do a live show, like we’d hoped, but we’ll have new content up for you on their regularly scheduled times next weekend. Sorry …

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Hey, where’d the content go?

IT WENT AWAY.  I’ve got this figured out, it’s gonna be categories.  You guys are gonna LOVE IT. I’ll be getting content up and redoing the subscription pages.  If you already subscribed to the Sodacast on iTunes, I apologize, the …

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