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Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 20: Dragon’s Prophet


Welcome, noobs! We’re a little late on this month’s episode again, but it is FINE. This month we have our review of Dragon’s Prophet, the most metal game ever made, according to their trailer. It boasts an immersive fantasy world, …

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Perpetual Noob Machine: Year in Review, 2013!

Hey guys. It’s time to talk about all those messes we made in the past year. If you want to follow along with our butts discussion, head on over to and check out our butt gallery! Fantastic. I don’t …

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Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 19: Drift City: Mittron Madness


Hey, it’s time to listen a game about cars and shit! Emphasis on one of those! We played Drift City in December, and it was a heck of a time. You can listen to it now, here, thanks to the …

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Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 18: Tactical Intervention

*Throws up*

Hey kids, time for another late-due-to-holidays episode of Perpetual Noob Machine! This time we held an Intervention to talk to Cid about his addiction to Tactics. So strap a bomb to a hostage and join us as we talk about …

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Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 17: Mechwarrior Online


Hey kids. Robots! And the Robots explode! We have more arguing about videogames for you, because we know you need them to live. I apologize for the audio though, I’m not sure how Erik stole all my volume. I blame …

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Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 16: Planet Arkadia

I jumped off that cliff immediately.

Welcome to a particularly short episode of PNM. We probably would’ve had more to talk about if we were just reviewing Board Game Arena. Thanks to Shael Riley for the use of our theme song! Cid’s gallery:

Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 15: Star Conflict

Welcome back to PNM! I trust you had a safe trip back… from SPACE?! We conflicted the stars this month. It was a pretty alright time! Come listen to us grouch about it! Thanks to Shael Riley for the use …

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Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 14: Neverwinter


Welcome back to PNM! Sorry this one’s a little low. Sometimes, the villain is computers. Last month we played Neverwinter! For a bit! It’s the first time we’ve put in a good amount of time prior to starting the monthly …

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Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 13: Renaissance Heroes


Welcome back guys, here’s another episode! We’ve been doing this for a damn year now you know that what the heck? We played Ren Heroes off of the Steams. It was a pretty good time! Listen to us have a …

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Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 12: Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second


Welcome back to PNM! We played the heck out of some anime last month, and then, we talked about it. It’s crazy I don’t know why know one has thought of this before. So, listen as we chatter about Ragnarok …

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