Mark Twain’s One Man Show Radio Show Episode 1


[Original Air Date: September 13, 2008]
Original Blog Post:
“I wanted to name this “The Phantom Menace”, but I’ve been told that then I would no longer be the coolest person in the world.

Featuring Special Guest Star: Nani! Yaaay, Nani!”

This is the very first episode of our first show, Mark Twain’s One Man Show Radio Show.  What’s something this old doing here, you say?  We’re syndicating this show.  As far as we can tell, this is the first instance of a syndicated podcast.
We’ll be uploading one a week, just like it were something new and interesting (it’s not), and when we polish off the archives… something might happen!  Whoa!

You can expect to see a “new” episode every Thursday, in a segment we like to call SHIT.
So Happy It’s Thursday!

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