Mark Twain’s One Man Show Radio Show Episode 2


Original Air Date: 9/19/2008

Original post: “We’ve got the second one online. Yeah, that’s right, we’re actually doing this shit.

I give my apologies to Aissie, who wound up getting cut out again, since her recording didn’t work. I feel damn bad about that, poor girl.

We had a shoutout to Paul & Storm in there too. I mention it here because I know they’re watching and we want to guest on their podcast, or viceversa. Get on that fellows.

Todays guest stars are Duchow, Sephy, and our biggest fan. ”

This is a real good start to dated material.  Just so you know though, that Space Viking Fund?  That might just be on the table.  If we start getting requests and dollars, we may bring that around.

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