Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 12: Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second


Welcome back to PNM! We played the heck out of some anime last month, and then, we talked about it. It’s crazy I don’t know why know one has thought of this before.
So, listen as we chatter about Ragnarok Online 2! And check out them pictures below while you’re at it.

Thanks to Shael Riley and the Double-Ice Backfire for the use of our theme song.

And then she transformed into a sailor scout.

Best Elf Butt May 2013!

Max grats, McBeer!

Best chaos butt ever?


This is the best hat.

It's like a robot took a dump on my head.

This is not.


I'd make a happy cow reference but I am from Wisconsin, so Fuck Those Cows.

Cow Joy!


Why did it generate one on the side of the hill?  Because Ragnarok.

That is a rock you cannot mine.

Post your conspiracy theories as to what this does in the comments!

Right, Meditatio, got it!


And then the quest maker stole my pants off me?

Right of course I’ll equip right away.


Good confirm button placement, game.

You're going down town!

The Police Chief is watching

Something something massive damage

Game please take a stab as to what I will target

Posing, not helping

A rare shot of David not dying

It appears that the terrain killed him this time.

Oh no nevermind here he is.


Booker, a tear!

Bar maid or cleric?

Wrath indeed.

I can’t WAIT to try out this WEAPON.


Looks like a rager.

And this was the only picture Cid sent in.


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  3. Special Guest John

    The solo game really depended on your class. I could crush some solo play as the thief. At least, until we were in the areas where everything would aggro you.

    My favorite NPC was the chef teacher guy, who would say, with a RIDICILOUSLY over the top french accent, ‘COOKING IS MY PASSION!’.

    Also the khara quests were my fricken kryptonite. I had to get them.

    Also their pay-to-play had one good subtlety. I got to level 10 before realizing i didn’t have to max out skills to unlock the next ones on the tree. I would have loved to reallocate my points, but the scroll to do so was a real-money-store item.

    You forgot the time where the admins were yelling at people over the server announce. That was pretty great.

    Also EVERY TIME, I forget to mail out my screenshots.

  4. “The Cid version of helping” is the funniest thing in ages.

    Why was the podcast so short this month?

  5. I did, in fact, suck at this game. I believe in keeping the “noob” in PNM.

    PvP: Each round took off the bottom third of the rankings, not the bottom half. I’d have escaped that horror a lot earlier had it been half.

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