Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 13: Renaissance Heroes


Welcome back guys, here’s another episode! We’ve been doing this for a damn year now you know that what the heck?
We played Ren Heroes off of the Steams. It was a pretty good time! Listen to us have a good time talking about it. Also, we forgot to do Box Quotes this time, so feel free to do so in the comments!

Thanks to Shael Riley and the Double-Ice Backfire for the use of our theme song.
Also thanks to Cid for being the only one to take pictures! Here’s a few shots of his character! Given no one really played anyone else, you can pretend it was you!

Congratulations for being the only butt!

Ms. Elf Butt Monthly, June 2013!

Also: Thug Life

Good shot of the artistic masterpiece of anus_blaster!

Oh that's nothing that's just Tutorial Miasma.

Good great I know how to play now

Either way I'm into it.

Not sure if sexy or just needs to use the toilet…

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  3. Did I hear “I’ll edit this out” during the equipment malfunction around minute 48?

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