Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 14: Neverwinter


Welcome back to PNM! Sorry this one’s a little low. Sometimes, the villain is computers. Last month we played Neverwinter! For a bit! It’s the first time we’ve put in a good amount of time prior to starting the monthly gaming, and it turned out to be an interesting discussion. Good news, you can listen to it! Right now? Yes.

Special thanks to Shael Riley and the Double-Ice Backfire for the use of our theme song.

You know what really says action combat?  A corset.

Ms. Elf Butt Monthly July 2013!

Hi Res Tiefling action.  Look at Cid!

Hi Res Tiefling action. Look at Cid!

The Clump was not.

The Interface was pretty nice!

Sepia Trees!  Art Direction!

And here’s what it looks like now.


Except I didn’t notice this about The Clump…

Pink and homeless.  Like a baby.

Never noticed how gross Brian’s character looked.

Nobody gives a FUCK about skeleton dog.

I’m assuming the Bear is also Brian.

It is not a product of Cid wizarding the world apart.

Really though some of the dungeons were pretty.

What's a book

What’s a book

Seriously Cid's not a good wizard this is not on purpose.

And then the game starts breaking.

But where do the bodies go?

Product of The Hole

Can we make horses butts?  Do we have the science?

If these were butts, I would give them every prize.

Want more? Here’s

  1. I was pretty clear when I said I dressed my character in peasant’s garb because he looked LESS terrible as a dreadlocked hobo than in his battle regalia.

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