Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 16: Planet Arkadia


Welcome to a particularly short episode of PNM. We probably would’ve had more to talk about if we were just reviewing Board Game Arena.

Thanks to Shael Riley for the use of our theme song!

Which of us is this?  Who knows!

Ms. Elf Butt, September 2013!

I jumped off that cliff immediately.

Sometimes the landscape is ok?

I regret everything.

We’re in a Really Big Hole!

If someone arranges 3 Truck Hardfaces to howl at that moon, they will be murdered.

In Space, no one can wear a shirt.

Buildings and something.

I’d try to give context for this but I don’t give a shit.

I guess I'll just... look up rocks on this laptop?

Freelancer, with no jobs posted.

I don't understand how Cid could see it, it must be someone else's.

Your Potato.

Not like HP's going to talk to you anyway.

Yeah, void that warranty!

I would rather have a delicious ham and cheese sub.


Cid’s gallery:

  1. Special Guest John

    Bill: I think the names from that YTMND are all from the same MST3k:

    Erik: On the hotkey swapping your gear out, one of the guides I saw actually had a reason this might be useful. Because armor degrades over time, some people gather sweat with no armor, and just take the damage. That ONE case may make it useful. But probably not.

    Cid: Mouse wheel while over the map did zoom in.

    Yeah, it definitely sounded like the other planets were where we wanted to be. I could have actually sold all that vibrant sweat!

    I think this is a prime example of what happens when engineers design interfaces. The macro stuff seemed really powerful, but was completely unapproachable. Now that I know the acronym UX, I can know what kind of person they needed to hire.

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