Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 2: Aion: Ascension


Welcome back, noobs! We made it through July playing Aion, which is a pretty… game. You can listen all about it, as we talk about what the game does right and oh so wrong, and while we recap the time we spent with you guys every Tuesday night. Thanks for coming out! Tell your friends to come join us next month! The info for our next game is up on the Noobs tab at the top of your page.
Special thanks to Shael Riley for the theme song.

Want pictures! I bet you do!

All Next Gen games are like that


I wish I knew some Rocky Horror references

So, come here often?

If you stack them up, they're about as tall as Stomp Talent.

The alt crew

I think the Handsomest Man is stalking us in disguise.


So uh... what'll 5000 gold get me?

The famous BlowJustice

Running away was probably justified

Daeva says I'm a cute Baby!

"How's your MP?"  "It's fine."

The fall of end boss Tickles

Fresh out the Block!

Suicide Cult, 8/12

Stop, look and watch!

Second thoughts? Ha, no.

Ready yet?

"I have an idea! Cid, take off your pants!"

Get set!

The boots let him run faster, and thus corpse faster.



We had no idea he was doing this

Hellooo there!

We gave him a prize for this.  That's kinda fucked up.

Ms. August 2012! And guest!

ECHO Echo echo...

Ok maybe we went too far with the whole Elf Butt thing.

Want more pics? Check out the galleries below! Comment with your own if you feel that they’ve been left out!
Erik’s gallery:
Cid’s gallery:

  1. Special Guest Erik

    The game had its moments and a slew of interesting mechanics. Just… not enough. Still, our constant battle with the ground the last night was our most entertaining fight.

  2. Suicide pictures being fully half of Erik’s gallery, and the interesting half at that, says everything about this game.

    I fell off my chair laughing about 1:10. Which I’d nearly done at that point while playing, so well done.

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