Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 21: Hello Kitty Online



Hey we’re back with some garbage. Listen to us grouch and grumble! Listen to the fury!
Also listen to our theme song, generously provided by Shael Riley and the Double-Ice Backfire.

Ha ha ha Wood

Ms Elf Butt Monthly, February 2014!

New York is hardcore

Look at all these poor people just outside the rich district

I'll break... you!

Shut up, cat.

I thought about a slim jim sandwich and got pretty upset.

“You lost item Sandwich”

We are all astounded by your prowess.

Congratulations, Cid, you are a championship.

Oh god I feel like a tabloid reporter typing that.

I met Hello Kitty and she is ENORMOUS

I have more hair than that guy.

Up yours too, buddy

I don't even know what I'm referencing anymore.

This means something. This is important.

I got those dead eyes too, buddy.

I named this file just “GetAJob.jpg”

Don't look too deep in those eyes.

Soul Harvesting? I’m in.

I believe Coolio referred to this as "The valley of the shadow of death".

Bananas make you tired.

That was gross I'm sorry.

“I lost it inside a human butt. Uh, butts.”


He excitedly opens the box and then is terrified. We determined it had his wife’s head in it.

  1. Special Guest John

    The take a break thing, I think, was just their way of saying ‘you died’. Cause you didn’t actually ‘kill’ the enemies either, just put them to sleep. So makes sense that you being ‘killed’ would make you fall asleep.

    Finally break my streak of not winning most awesome person, don’t get a prize. BOOOOOO #spoilers

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