Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 22: Loadout


Welcome back to a rare, ON TIME episode of Perpetual Noob Machine! We’re reviewing Loadout, because when it comes to free online videogames, you’re probably playing either an fps or an mmorpg! Let’s shoot a guns!
Just a heads up, if you’re squeemish, the screenshots for this game are pretty gory.

Thanks to Shael Riley for the use of our theme song!

Do you work out?

Mr Elf Butt Monthly, March 2014!


Alright, so clearly we need to kill the Bat.

"Where'd you get hit?"

So guess what, most of the pictures are of corpses.

And I tended to laugh.

David tended to die in health boxes.

You uh, you doin' alright

Woah hey there friend

These are reminding me of the awesome karaoke booth pictures of John.

Well fuck you too then

It's enough metal that technically he's a cyborg now.


Most of Cids gallery is exactly this heads up

Christ ok I’m done with the death shots.

The look on the guy on the left is me as I re-read that caption.

So, for the Helga model, John actually uploaded his likeness into the game, and motion capped everything. It was a truly tremendous experience.

There are no more jokes this picture finished them.

MVP indeed.

And then we all danced.

Naming guns is fun.

I still say Butt Polisher is great.

I just have to press E for that? Easiest decision ever.

Want more? Here’s Cid’s gallery.


  1. Special Guest John

    I hope the irony is not lost on Erik that he is making fun of a game for talking about ridiculous numbers of possible gun combinations while not having that many actual unique guns…

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