Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 23: Hearthstone


Hey kids, we did it, we played a videogame! And then talked about it! What a time we live in.
This month we played Hearthstone, which was a bit of a departure from our norm as it was an online card game. How’d it turn out? I am not exactly sure! Maybe you should listen and comment who knows.

Thanks to Shael Riley and the Double-Ice Backfire for the use of our theme song.
If you want to show Shael some gratitude for letting us use Hater’s Unite on our dumb show for the last couple years, you should go check out his game on Steam Greenlight! Votes are needed and you’re all legal. I hope. Go here and maybe tell a friend?

That butt is closed.

Is the server allowed to win EBM?

I mean look at that bullshit ass hand.

This is Cid losing.

I thought about making this ebm because the shields look like a tooshie

I however clearly am set to win.

Seriously I did fine with this nonsense.

David shows off his mana curve. It’s not as terrible as he lets on.

Kinda badly.

And then pictures of him losing.


I just named this one “Terrible”

Seriously if I had to write these before the review I would knock points.

Yet another loss for Da-wait, -2?

Seriously someone save me this is awful.

Meanwhile I’m a pinnacle of god damn triumph.

That's it I'm done there's more pictures but I can't care.

If you chumps want to know what a real prize looks like.

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