Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 27: Velvet Sundown


Hey! Sorry for the late post. It was so hard actually trying to find a time where we could get together and relive the memories of this… wonderful game!
We played Velvet Sundown. There’s a lot to say about the game, but also not much, it’s one of those weird ones.

Thanks to Shael Riley and the Double-Ice Backfire for the use of our theme song!

It's like a shell game of pooper schnapps

Gaze upon the rare Triple Elf But Monthly, August 2014!

Hahaha ew

Sweet jesus he must’ve caught wind of the butts.

Just give her the credit card it's fine

I feel ya man.

No chance of leaving this farm life behind.

No matter how much you want it you can’t just walk into the ocean and end it all.

Clearly typed by people that have never drugged.

Secret activities going on in the drug closet?

I want to CHAT

Come heeere BOYle…

Tell me Boyle

What’s in my fingers Boyle?

Replicant Replicant Where Have You Been

Teach the Controversy

Move over Batman

History’s greatest detective

It's fur standing on end she's so nervous

The murderer has to be someone, but they’re all blending in so well…

Undercover indeed

Alone in the drug coset

RIP Billy Mays

So glad to be back in the civilized world of the lobby.

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