Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 28: Firefall


Hey kids! It’s time for Bill and Cid to disagree and for Erik to make an uninformed decision! That’s right, it’s PNM! We played Firefall I guess.

Thanks to Shael Riley for the use of our theme song

Of the two I absolutely had to pick the super wet butt.

Ms. Elf Butt Monthly, September 2014!

And salt the earth

Oh darn I should probably uninstall

That is an avatar of '90s 'tude if I've ever seen it.

That’s probably not too seriou-WHAT IS THAT IN THE CORNER

Defile that statue like a bird

Yes good squeeze one out

Thumpiest Dump indeed.

…what did you EAT, Cid?

Not like I got jetboots or nothin'

This is probably fine.



I did not notice the Satyr until now.

Meanwhile in Butt Central…

There's also purple walls, and invisible ones.

This game had a real thing for arbitrary walls.

That and "Drowning"

THIS is where I found an invisible wall. FUCKING REALLY. It’s the last thing I saw before I uninstalled actually.

*Makes same arm motions*

You and me both, sister.


Here’s Cid and his… juicer, I guess?

Haha hey four-eyes


Who would ever be so dumb as to die to that especially in a town

Meanwhile David stands in a god damn fire.

Space Pringles Guy

Uh, yeah, I was uh, I was just going


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Cid thinks he’s Evil Knievel

  1. Special Guest John

    I disagree with Bill to some extent.

    However, Cid taking ‘What am i working toward, what end game content is there? Is it all this boring?’ and turning it into ‘Hey, sometimes you can put a game down when you are done, nothing wrong with that. It’s a feature!’ is literally the worst. So mad.

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