Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 3: Vindictus


That’s what I’ve been yelling at people for the past month. I think I spent a lot of my credibility trying to get people to play this game, and I am feeling a bit of regret for doing so.
Wanna find out just how BRUTAL this game is? That’s why we made a podcast. Listen to it!

Special thanks to Shael Riley for the use of our theme song, Hater’s Unite. It rocks.

Grab, you say?

Elf Butt Monthly
Ms August 2012!

So, come here often?

A tender moment.

A lot of man hours went into that shading

” The underthings alone are clear winners for the EBM Sears Catalog Retrospective.” – David

Is that a toupee?


There are no words

This probably would’ve won EBM, but was submitted late. A cautionary tale.

I quit!


I wish I knew some Harry Potter bullshit, that'd be funny

Using his special, special magic. It’s like Fantasia in here.

They all drowned.

Yeah! Fuck you, Ocean!

I'm gonna sink this bitch.

There’s nothing terribly funny here, his gaze is just so… piercing…

I don't fucking know

Here we see the invention of a new martial art.

Sit the fuck down DiCaprio


Cid took so many pictures like this

Dr. Christ and the Women.

This is what getting a Masters in Philosophy is like.

You make an interesting point, Mr. Bun.

It was pretty Gastly.

This is the part where his arm turned into a ghost.

No bonus joke here, strokes are serious business

And then he had a stroke?

It's not like my name is synonymous with meat or something jeez.

Ugh, eyes up here ladies.

This is where pump chili comes from

Yeah that’s a blood explosion.


Moon the boss 2012!

The mages did this a lot.

Lucy celebrating (?)

Playing dead never works

I think he’s trying to eat the boss?

Vestina could not leave fast enough


Fisting raid?

No suicide cult this month, just a sexy party on the fishing raid

More pictures:

PNM Vindictus


  1. There is plenty of reminder of the existence of the polar bear … if you read the story.

  2. I feel like we should all be ashamed of this month’s gallery.

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