Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 30: Arche Age


Hey kids! It’s time for another exciting episode of us being pirates. This month the game decides to help out!

As always thanks to Shael Riley for the use of our theme song.

It was a tough call, but the Junker edged out Landboat for butt of the month.

The monthly butt!

We also climbed trees.

We’re either invading a castle or a ship.

But only because we couldn't figure out skydiving.

Hang gliding was a blast.

Bill fails at haircuts.

Erik fails at puns.

Spoiler: he succeeded

Bill tries to sink the pier

The trudge

Building a boat: part 1

Manual labor

Building a boat: part 2

In all its glory


The Budget Submarine

and then we sank directly to the bottom of the ocean

Adventure on the high seas!


More screenshots here:



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