Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 4: S4 League


Spoiler alert: This episode is the Max.
This month we follow Cid down the rabbit hole into Korean/German anime and shooter games. Listen to it! It’s a show!

Thanks again to for the use of our theme song.

Congrats to Special Guest John for winning EBM this month! Cid was the winner, but John submitted at the last minute.

Submitted is right!

Ms September 2012!

Heeey Hallway, come here often?

Dethroned! The former winner of ebm.

Yeah this looks healthy

Hiding in the woods? Action packed!

Cid and I were on a team and we lost?

Player Platter from night 4.

Classy as Balls

That’s the cheerleader outfit on the right. Yep.


This makes as much sense as any other moment of the game.

Jerk got more cards than me too.

S4’s subtle hint to the player.

Look at him trying to act all disinterested.

That’s a, uh, quite the shirt? I’m very distracted right now.

God DAMN it.

None of this makes any god damn sense.

Do you like me laser cat check yes [ ] or no [ ]

Don’t you dare forsake me Fumbi, I need that!

Jesus get some lotion or a surgeon or something damn

Think I’ll just take a little peek OH GOD WHAT

Of course this was sent in by David.

Show me your S4!

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S4 League

  1. excuuuuuse you i listened through the ENTIRE THING

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