Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 5: DC Universe Online


Sorry for the intense lateness. Our normal recording day was Halloween this time, and I had a tophat to wear. And then Erik went to funf unf unfest, and then everything broke.
But! We’re here! We’ve brought you tales of mediocrity and butts! Just the sort of thing you’ve come to expect. So, kick back, and listen as we tell you everything you need to know about DC Universe Online.

None of our characters give any shits.

Mr. and Mrs. Elf Butt Monthly, October 2012!

Go this way!  Or don't, it doesn't matter.

Cid holds up the quest marker, because we can’t trust the game to.

Bark twice if you're in Milwaukee!

I’m in a fire case of emotion!

The blue lipstick says "Business"

Hammer Magic, ladies and people.

Tango down.

Well, you tried, game.

It'll be your badge for this, Butt!

Tiger and the Butt, in theaters Summer 2013

Good lord, the purple one's going to suffocate!

Pumpkin Helmets. To protect us from the atmosphere.

That behemoth got us WET.

Dance music! (Music not provided)

She's checkin' me out!  You guys saw it!

Nothing to see here.

"Explains why he died in a desert."

“Wait, what if Jesus could ONLY walk on water?”

And then he puts his mind tentacles in your mouth.

So, come here often?

Sweaty makes this great.

You stay classy, DCUO.

I'mma put my tentacles in that penthouse!

Gravity holds no sway over Robo-Bob Ross.

Worst super power.

I’m REALLY into this quest.

If you're assuming David sent this in...


I'm a helper!

Wait this might be from APB.


I’ll just stand back and be invisible.

This is some end boss shit.


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Cid’s gallery:

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  2. I will not have Scarlett Corinthian dishonored by the implication early in the episode that she is not a Borderlands item. I will, however, happily allow that her last picture “is some end boss shit.”

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