Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 7: Planetside 2


Hello, Noobs! We’re back from the front lines, and we have souvenir bits of shrapnel embedded in our very souls. We played Planetside 2, which turned out to be the most polarizing game yet. Have a listen! See if it’s for you!

Thanks as always to Shael Riley for the use of our theme song, Hater’s Unite
And special thanks to Molly Lewis for the use of Road Trip, off the album I Made You A CD But I Eated It.

Sweet air.  Butt air!

Mr(s?) Elf Butt December 2012!


A little on the nose, don’t you think?

I wish I knew some Vacation references right about now.

They parked it ON the Winnebago.

Dammit Cid.

Seriously parking was a real issue.


We can fit through that. Tanks forward!

Suggestion Averted!

This is basically a livestream of Cid’s screen at any given time.

I don't think I like the future.

There are some genuinely troubling butts.

And yet Cid IS NOT IN THAT.

Plane party!

Of course I did.

Oh also I fell through the world.

Want more? Here’s Cid’s gallery!

PlanetSide 2

  1. Special Guest John

    OH OH OH and the WORST THING. Three teams: red, blue, purple. Played as purple. On the minimap, friendlies were blue, enemies were red. Killed a blue dot cause I thought it was the blue team.

    Bad design.

  2. Special Guest John

    This game is somewhat revolutionary, as it takes the experience of being utterly crushed in an fps match, and makes it a never-ending mmo experience!

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