Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 8: Star Wars – The Old Republic


Hey everybody!  Sorry we’re a bit late on this one, but we had to do a redo.  I think it turned out well, let us know what you think!  Note:  I know we missed Box Quotes.  That wasn’t intentional, it’s a short segment that I would like to come back to next month.

Special thanks to Shael Riley for the use of our theme song, Haters Unite.

Lets get into the gallery!

This picture is oddly glamorous.

Ms Elf Butt Monthly, January 2013!

Bob's corpse is just off screen, naturally.

Yeah. Puddle of alien poison. This is fine.


I don’t understand… This isn’t Lightning…

Shake that heinie 'hind ya!

Runner up for EBM?


Other ebm runner up!

My monitor got all screwy just posting this, actually.

Yeah, no. This is fine. This works.

I commandeered this at least once.

Being a space wizard got perks, son.

No one is paying attention to the space ghosts.

Everyone is gathering around what appears to be a freestyle rap sesh.

Everyone on this screen was arrested.  Even Gr'eg.

And then it got real.

I might add this to my wallpaper rotation.

No jokes here, just thought this picture was rad-ass.

The opposite of the above picture, really.

Appropriate for everyone!

Kiss my ass, Nar-Shadda!

I arrested my speeder.

It'll be your badge for this, cliff.
David’s corpse was easily retrievable.

Gameplay was not affected!

John’s technical issues made ours seem minor.


They're probably speeding, too.

I believe the quote at this point was “REDSHIIIIIIIRTS!”




MrTheHolodeck was enamored.

The Sith legacy is a proud one.

You have no idea how happy I was at this point.


I'm not even mad, I'm just impressed.

So, you new?

Ah, I'll buy it at a high price!

…Go on.

The Force shall set me free (from pants)

Pants are a lie, there is only passion.

Want more?  Here’s Cid’s gallery:





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