Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 9: Wolf Team


So hey, welcome back to PNM!  We’re trying not to make these so late but it is hard.  It’s real hard.  But this month we had a real doozy of a game, Wolf Team.  It’s… it’s something real special, and you should listen to us talk about it an awful lot.

Special thanks to Shael Riley for the use of our theme song, Haters Unite.  Make sure you check out his new album, Bioavailable, at!

Mr. Elf Butt Monthly February 2013!

I love the holidays.

Seriously. Grenade mode.

This sums things up well enough.


No more pics this month, the Ceremonial Uninstall has thwarted us.


  1. Special Guest John

    Oh god, that’s right. Worst part of this game was the fixed resolution menu screen. My monitor refused to display that crap about 50% of the time. Forgot all about it until Cid complained about it, but that was the worst. Don’t you wanna be the Sports Guy?

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