Status Update!

Hey folks! You may’ve noticed that we haven’t been posting much on here over the past year, so I figure now’s probably a good time to let everyone know what’s up.

1. These Are Some of the Sodas We Like: We lost most of the episodes recorded on JCC5, and that was kind of a morality blow. That said, despite us not managing to record any on JCC6, other events that took place has reinvigorated my interest in the show. Our Mouth Bud Meg had kindly brought me some sodas from Australia last year, so hopefully we can swing at those some time in the near future!

2. Perpetual Noob Machine: As many of you know, the amount of work and relative success we’ve been having with And Better Gaming over on YouTube has pretty much killed this show. It was a blast while it lasted! We wanted to do a finale, year in review for 2014, but scheduling was real hard up until the point where we forgot basically everything that happened that year. We’re still getting together to hang out and play games on Tuesdays, because it’s a good excuse to do so, it’s just not going to be discussed in a recorded format anymore, outside of maybe anecdotes on ABG.

3. Mark Twain’s One Man Show Radio Show: I should really finish remastering & queueing these. I have other projects on my plate right now though.

4. A Better Show: Who even remembers this one dang, just go listen to Cool Games Inc they chomped the flavor of our best bit anyway.

5. And Better Gaming: This one is still going strong, go sub to our YouTube at We have daily videos; every Monday & Friday we’re playing D&D, and the other 5 days have videogames, rotating to keep things fresh.
We’re also running monthly Best Comment contests to carry over the Most Awesome Person prize from PNM, so if you miss that Prize Box, that’s where it went.

Thanks for all your understanding, guys!

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