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These are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 77: Blueberry Soda Shaq

Shaq and I are like woah

Welcome back! We’re in the second part of our BRIAN BIRTH SPECTACULAR. How do we celebrate? THAT IS THE WRONG QUESTION. YOU SHOULD ASK HOW WE SHAQLEBRATE. Fuck you wordpress for trying to tell me that isn’t a word I …

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These are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 61: Sprecher Blueberry

Welcome back, soda pals! This week, Meg decides to not gross us out by talking about strippers. Great! We also drink a seasonal variety of Sprecher, their blueberry mix, and discuss what it does to our mouths. It’s a wholesome …

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These Are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 11: Blumers Blueberry Cream

Hey Soda Pals, we’ve got a whirlwind adventure of an episode!  I hope you know what Cool Water is, because I sure as hell don’t!  This week we’ve got a Blueberry Cream from the folks over at Blumers, check them …

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