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These are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 123: Swamp Pop


We’re STILL LIVE AT MAGFEST and we have oily strawberries and we’re slickin’ ’em right down our gobs for the safety and preservation of the American people. Will we survive the gale winds by enjoying the flavors of the south? …

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Perpetual Noob Machine Episode 22: Loadout

These are reminding me of the awesome karaoke booth pictures of John.

Welcome back to a rare, ON TIME episode of Perpetual Noob Machine! We’re reviewing Loadout, because when it comes to free online videogames, you’re probably playing either an fps or an mmorpg! Let’s shoot a guns! Just a heads up, …

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A Better Show Episode 4: Cid Gives Up on His Ideals

Hey!  We did another one!  And it’s not unreasonably long! Cid, of Perpetual Noob Machine fame, guests on this episode, and it’s not completely awful.  So, uh, listen to it! Special thanks to Jonathan Coulton for use of our theme …

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