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These are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 112: Caruso’s Dark Cream


What’s up NERDS it’s us and we have a chill bev with an alarming name if you leave the word “Soda” off the end. Nice! Also I wear horns for just about the whole episode. They’re comfy and stylish and …

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…This Podcast Episode 20 – Punched a Wizard in the Face

Yeah you heard me right, a wizard just got punchfaced by Mustadio.  We’ve got a very special ep 20, with a game that we’ve been itching to review.  If the name Mustadio didn’t tip you off, it’s Final Fantasy Tactics, …

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…This Podcast Episode 7: That White Mage Booty

Alright, we’ve got something that’s not on the gamecube, which is weird!  We’ve got Final Fantasy IX, on the Sony Playstation.  We had a hard time getting this to run for some reason, so we’re a bit tired. Special guests! …

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