The World as We See It: Episode 6 – Liam, the urban farmer


Hi Listeners!  Brian here yet again with our latest episode of The World as We See It.  This episode features Liam, a fine gent I met while in Ottawa.  He and Andy talk about plenty of fun and interesting things, like birds, squash, and living in a house of six people.  Featuring a cameo by Liam’s Oven.

As always, a special thanks to Marian Call, for the use of our theme song: Perilous Road.  You can get that and the rest of her library at


  1. My travels have been really fun, Peter. Nothing as interesting as the Cedar Waxwing yet, but I just spent a couple of days with Andy in Indianapolis and now I’m at my parents’ place for a few days before I head back to Madison, then onward to Alaska. Going to be an interesting few weeks.

  2. Hi Brian!
    This is Peter from Ottawa! Good to see you did the interview! How have your recent travels been?

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