These Are Some of the Pops We Like Episode 27: 3 es Orange


No, we didn’t change the name of the show, this is a one time thing, and pretty reasonable!
We have yet another Aruban treat, this time with so many guests. Not only do Erik and John return (they tend to do that), but we also have John Roderick, Paul Sabourin, Stephen Toulouse, and Jonathan Coulton (in a way? I don’t think he knows)! That’s a lot of people for one show, and a great time had. Check out all the stuff they do, because it’s great.
Edit: I guess links don’t show up? I’ll look into that. There’s like 4 below, I swear.

Theme song used with permission from They Might Be Giants (thanks guys!)

3 es Orange, unopened!
The cast, minus John

  1. Special Guest Erik

    Ha ha. I got to make fun of Jonathan Coulton on his own boat! And have it broadcast over the interwebs! Take that, you internet celebrity and generally cool guy!

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