These are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 150: Sprecher Watermelon LIVE


Hey there sodapals, here’s that live show we were talking about! We got mc chris to join us and had a blast slammin’ some questionable bevs. Get yourself a brand new sniff (in moderation) and reminisce about Geek Kon 2018!

Absolutely make sure that you hit up and see a real good live show, the tour is coming and SO ARE YOU. TO THE MC CHRIS SHOW I MEAN. Go grab you a Jar Jar too while you’re at

You can ALSO find EVEN MORE BILL than your doctor would recommend over at ! I guested on this great weird new podcast and that episode goes up sometime today? Exciting!

Also of course thanks to They Might Be Giants for the use of our theme song, Exquisite Dead Guy!

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