These Are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 21: Virgil’s Rootbeer


Grow your beards, lads, it’s time for a hearty episode of your favorite sodacast. Today we’ve got Virgil’s Rootbeer, from the folks over at It’s a man’s drink, but don’t fear if you’re a dame. You’ll be able to handle it in time.
I don’t know what I’m saying at this point. Alright.
In this episode we mention that next week will be our year in review show. Well, that wound up not happening.
Not only that, but Brian and I are going on JoCo Cruise Crazy 2 next week, so this’ll be the last post for a little while. Hopefully we can come back with something great. For now though, Drink!

Theme song rudely lifted from They Might Be Giants.

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