These Are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 22: Highway Cassis


Hello! They let us off the boat! We have the first of several episodes run by the “Vice Squad”, which includes myself, Brian, and new guests Erik and John. It was our divine task to get a lot of people to drink a Miami Vice. It’s serious business.
This is also the first episode where we are reviewing beverages we picked up in Aruba! This was a smart call! I don’t have a link or a pic like I usually do. Google does not think the soda exists. Consider this an omen.

Oh, and this episode has special guest, Comedian and all around nice guy, Paul F. Tompkins! Technically!
It’s also the first episode where our theme song, Exquisite Dead Guy by They Might Be Giants, is official. We have permission (I asked)!

  1. Special guest Erik

    That engine hum is far more noticeable than it was when we were sitting on that fine leather couch.

  2. Special guest John

    A SNEAK PEEK of next episode!

    Mainly because I dont have a picture of this drink. For all we know, it may not exist at all.

  3. Special guest John

    It just got sensuous in here.

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