These Are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 25 – POWER MALT


I’m going to be up front here: I don’t think I can spell the name of this beverage with a single lowercase letter. So I won’t.
This week we are rejoined by Joseph Scrimshaw, as he joins us in the darkest trip this program has ever taken. Ladies and gentlemen, as alluded to in prior shows, we have POWER MALT, “premium” non-alcoholic malt energy drink.
I don’t know where you can find more about POWER MALT. I kind of hope it’s not real.
You can find out more about Joseph Scrimshaw (Who is real! I think!) at

Theme song courtesy of They Might Be Giants.

POWER MALT.  Also: Despair

  1. Special Guest John

    I am amused by the very quiet background music that the room provided.

    Took me back to the moment, and the frightening monstrosity that was this drink.

    Though I do kind of want some bbq ham chips now.

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