These Are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 28: Coconut Go Fast!


And here it is, the last podcast of JoCo Cruise Crazy 2. No celebrity guests this time, just the 4 of us, absolutely destroying ourselves, and attempting to destroy our live studio audience.
We have another poor choice, I mean, can of Go Fast! energy drink, this time Coconut “flavored”. Listen in reverie as I go from hyper to completely sick several times.

Theme Song courtesy of They Might Be Giants

The after effects (Brian was Destroyed)

  1. Special Guest John

    Favorite me quote: “I don’t understand how Mentos is a freshmaker of any sort”

  2. Special Guest Erik

    Favorite me quote: “That is just plain rancid apple cider. I don’t know where the Coconut went. I don’t know where the Fast went.”

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