These are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 41: Sprecher Strawberry


Alright sodapals, it’s time. Essentially the season finale of our regular broadcast. We’ll still be doing these when able! Just with less frequency, as we say farewell to Brian. Well, technically, we said farewell a good 2 months or so ago, but man, what a backlog.
Today we have another drink by the good folk at Sprecher. They’re always a delight.

Special thanks to They Might Be Giants for the theme song.

  1. Special Guest John

    I would have left that as a voicemail, but I am at work, and my coworkers would be very confused if i told a pie story with great dramatic flourish from within my cube. I trust Bill to bring the life to that story that I would have via google voice.

  2. Special Guest John


    So, after years of baking pumpkin pies with just canned pumpkin, I get it in my head that I am going about this all wrong, and that to get the fullness of flavor and true essence of autumn that is the flavor of pumpkin, I clearly need to make the pie FROM SCRATCH, from pumpkins.

    So, I go to the store, pick out several delicious looking pie pumpkins, and head home. I consult my trusty internet for a recipe, and see that really there are 2 major steps to making a pie in this way: removing the pumpkin meats, and then using said pumpkin meats to make a pie. For some reason, I decided that boiling was the best way to process my pumpkin meats. (I think this was one of the suggested ways from the internet) It recommended cubing the pumpkin first, so I gutted the pumpkin (saving the seeds, cause clearly), and cut it into little cubes. I filled my largest stock pot with these cubes and water, and set it boiling.

    My house smelled like autumn, it was great. After the necessary boiling time, I drained my pumpkin cubes. Then I realized, “Oh Crap, I was supposed to remove the peel from these cubes!” So, using a fork and a spoon and at times my bare hands, I removed the peels from dozens of pumpkin cubes, suffering countless mild burns as the cubes, now mushy from being boiled, collapsed and got all over my hands.

    Eventually, I finished and got all my pumpkin mush into a bowl. I proceeded to make the pie filling as per recipe, and as anyone who has made pumpkin pie will attest, this part is trivial and really needs no further detail. Eggs, cream, pumpkin mush, spices, mixer. Done.

    HOWEVER, because I had saturated my pumpkin cubes with water by boiling them, the pie filling was way more fluid than usual. Like, basically liquid. So i poured it into the pie tins anyways, figuring heat will remove the liquid when it bakes. Unfortunately, the flimsy tins on store-bought pie crusts are not really designed to hold their shape when you lift them completely full of liquid. I carefully slid them onto a cookie sheet so as not to get pie filling all over my kitchen floor, and steeled myself to put them in the oven….

    and dumped roughly 3 cups of pie filling (there were 2 pies) all inside my oven and on the oven door. Luckily there was still enough in each pie shell to make a reasonable pie, so I said screw it, and put the now 3/4 filled pie crusts into the oven.

    The result tasted just like pie made with canned pumpkin. Never again.

  3. Special Guest John

    X-Rated Carousel is my insane clown posse cover band.

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