These Are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 44: GinsengUP!


Hey, soda pals!  Been a while.  We went on a boat and got a whole lot of stuff done though, so, buckle in, this is going to be a regular program for a bit.
Starting off!  We have our first tropical drink, GinsengUP!  And to share it with us is the wonderful Mike Phirman!  A good time was had, and thanks to the miracle of technology, you can listen to it.

Thanks to They Might Be Giants for letting us use our theme song, Exquisite Dead Guy.

Also I look like a fatty.

Not kidding about any Sex Dungeon jokes you may hear.


Good god look at it all.

Spoiler: This image makes me want some Pink Ting.

It goes on FOREVER.


  1. Special Guest John

    Oh Special Guest John, you are so funny. “Literally you hit them or you missed them”. GOLD.

    Also, sad mic.

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