These are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 63: Soda Shaq Vanilla Creme


Hey kids, it’s time for the first of two preludes to our annual cruise sodacasts! This was done in the hotel the night before JoCo Cruise Crazy IV, as we were unsure of the ethics of smuggling SODA SHAQ VANILLA CREME onto the high seas. So we drank it on land!
This was a pretty mellow episode because I was still kind of sick and we were all very tired. Enjoy!

Let this be the only time I give Shaq “the mouth”.

  1. Special Guest John

    Chuggin that Barqs #caffinateAllRootBeer #itsGotBite #nofilter

  2. I spent the first half of the episode wondering why Erik was so quiet, then I figured out why: It was Creighton.

    Also, fuck you, too.

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