These are Some of the Sodas We Like Episode 90: Ramune Teriyaki


Don’t worry we still drink highly questionable things here. Abi reveals her extremely questionable and high-judgement nature in this thrilling episode, sponsored by Fandlemonium (probably).
Today we’re drinking the Teriyaki flavor from our good friends at Ramune. I forgot to get a picture of the soda before opening so I had to recreate the color, but it’s close you’re fine. Enjoy!

  1. Special Guest John

    So disappointed with it barely fizzing. I feel like most ramune is designed to spray all over you as soon as you slam that ball down. And I was really hoping for that outcome.

    Also, you can review cookie water, just gotta carefully measure. I am so down for reviewing each sugar free flavor made into a weird soda stream beverage.

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