We Got Booze! Episode 1: Pilot


Hello there!  Remember when we went on a Boat?  Well Erik and John decided to begin a new and wonderful drinking program and record it there.  Guess what?  This is that.

On We Got Booze!, Erik and John navigate the choppy waters of Alcoholic Enjoyment.  Spills, thrills and liver kills all await us on this magical journey.  Also I will hopefully NOT be the one that types up the descriptions in the future.

Theme song snagged from They Might Be Giants.

That's a title image right there.

Erik enjoys himself.

This is the point where the show gets destroyed.

Ginger Wine. Purple kinda comes through.

Sorry if it's shaky, it was a long episode (this is false).

Sting POWER.

Note how much Ginger Wine is left.

The lineup.



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