We Got Booze! Episode 2: The Annual Return


Hey kids, welcome back! Are you ready to get fucked… up? We’ve got more booze, good booze, bad booze, sexy-time booze, more than you could possibly imagine! Please limit your imagination to a couple drinks otherwise I may have oversold this. Anyway! Join Special Guests John and Erik as they slowly descend into madness once again, shaving years off their lives for your entertainment and my own. Pull up a chair, a fancy glass of booze or hot, refreshing water, and enjoy.

That might even be Flashbang in there, judging by that terrible yellow.

I’m putting this first because it sums the whole night up pretty well.

It even knocked his hat off.

Erik gets hit by the Flashbang.

This is the episode where Erik gets so mad at me for being funny.


I'm impressed that they topped STING POWER just, immediately.

I think this is the Magnum.

For fucks sake don't drink that.

Yeah that’s Magnum.

It's late I'm done with pictures.

Haha well hey there little guy!

  1. Special Guest John

    I was at some repetition level of drunk at the end there. ‘Rum cream’ ‘RUM. CREAM.’

  2. Special Guest John

    That’s some tags right there.

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