And Better is now the proud owner of our very own YouTube channel at There, we’re making a ton of video content for our show And Better Gaming. It’s a Let’s Play show, which is where we fire up a videogame, play at it (sometimes flailingly), and talk over it. Sometimes we crack jokes! Sometimes Brian just says a string of unfortunate curse words. We got it all!

You can find all our stuff at the above url, different games divided into playlists for your viewing ease. Since we’re here though, why not curate a bit?
Below I’ve put together what I think is our top 5 series! To qualify, a series needs to be completed in some way or another, so fear not that you’ll have to keep up with something, these are nice little self contained things.
What’s your favorite? Comment below, maybe I’ll put up a community’s choice or something!

Best Of:

Thirty Flights of Loving stars Bill, John and Brian. It’s a strange little art game that threw us for a loop near constantly.

Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming stars Erik, Bill, and Brian-ish? There’s only two episodes, and Brian disappears from the second one. It’s 3 grown men trying to immerse themselves in a bad German game about farming in the 1950s, and it is god damn tremendous.

Game of Thrones stars everyone but Cid, as it was recorded during Gen Con. Not live at the event or anything, just drunk at home (with the exception of Bill, who is controlling the game). The game itself is terrible, and a blast to make fun of, and it’s the dawn of our obsession with terrible voice acting.

Hunie Pop features Bill, Erik and John’s emotional journey to find out what every woman in town weighs, and make Cid a man without his knowledge. It’s crazy, weird, and sometimes a little gross, and just a real good time for everyone involved. Sit down with an attache case full of corndogs and enjoy!

Dead Space 3 just goes to prove that Erik and Bill need to co-op more games. It’s got action, it’s got MONSTERS, direct antagonization of each other, just a lot of great moments. It’s also probably the most quotable series? I just… I just gotta get out there, man.

Complete List of Series:
Edit: I have links all below before these parentheses, but they’re hiding for some reason. I’ll fix that later.

One-Offs (Various, all games that we only spent one episode on)
Divekick (Completed to victory, 2 episodes, Erik vs Cid)
7th Guest (Completed to credits, 20 episodes, Bill John & Brian)
Diablo 3 (Completed to base campaign credits, 31 Episodes, Bill & Erik)
Payday 2 (Completeish, 27 episodes, Everyone with guests Shael and Chris)
King’s Bounty (Abandoned, 5 episodes, Bill & Cid)
Nidhogg (Completed to victory, 3 episodes, Erik vs Cid)
Dead Space 3 (Incomplete, reinvigorated, Erik & Bill)
Agarest: Generations of War (Incomplete, Bill & Cid)
Monaco (Abandoned, 7 episodes, Bill Erik John & Brian)
Agriculture Simulator: Historical Farming (Completeish, 2 episodes, Erik Bill & Brian)
FTL (Completed to Game Over, 4 episodes, Brian Erik & Bill)
Mass Effect (Abandoned, 20 episodes, everyone)
Legend of Grimrock (Completed to Game Over, 2 episodes, Bill Erik John & Brian)
Game of Thrones (Completed to Game Over, 5 episodes, Bill Erik John & Brian)
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (Abandoned, 5 episodes, John Erik & Bill)
Hammerwatch (Completed to Game Over, 3 episodes, Bill Cid John & Brian)
Dragon Age: Origins (Abandoned, 17 episodes, everyone)
Five Nights at Freddie’s (Abandoned, 2 episodes, John Erik & Bill)
Montague’s Mount (Completed to credits, 13 episodes, Bill Erik John & Brian)
South Park: The Stick of Truth (Completed to Credits, 48 episodes, Brian & John)
Crusader Kings II (Completed to Game Over, 9 episodes, Brian & Cid)
Bridge Project (Completeish, 3 episodes, Erik Cid & Bill)
Warframe (Completish, 3 episodes, Erik & Bill)
Thirty Flights of Loving (Completed to Credits, 3 episodes, Bill John & Brian)
Antichamber (Completed to frownquit, 12 episodes, John Cid & Bill)
Harvester (Completed to credits, 26 episodes, Bill Erik & John)
Long Live the Queen (Completed to game over, 8 episodes, Brian & Cid)
Democracy 3 (Completed to game over, 8 episodes, Brian & Bill)
Hotline Miami (Abandoned, 6 episodes, Brian Cid Bill & John)
Hydrophobia (Completed to Credits, 13 episodes, Bill & Cid)
Injustice: Gods Among Us (Incomplete, Brian Bill John with guest Lauren)
Hatoful Boyfriend (Completed to credits, 11 episodes, Bill Cid & John)
Surgeon Simulator 2013 (completeish, 3 episodes, Brian John Bill & guest Lauren)
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! (Completed to Predetermined point, 17 episodes, Erik Cid Bill & John)
Alpha Protocol (Completed to Credits, 33 episodes, everyone)
Dragon Age: Inquisition (Abandoned, 7 episodes, Erik & Bill with Guest Bob & Egali)
Risk of Rain (Completeish, 7 Episodes, Cid Bill & John with Guest Bob)
VVVVVV (Completed to credits, 6 Episodes, John & Bill with Guest Bob)
Sonic Generations (Completed to Credits, 21 Episodes, John & Bill)
Always Sometimes Monsters (Completed to Credits, 45 episodes, Bill John & Brian)
Pinball Arcade (Completed to reasonable stopping point, 3 episodes, Bill & Cid)
Lichdom: Battlemage (Abandoned, 3 episodes, Bill & John)
Civilization Beyond Earth (Completed to Victory, 17 episodes, Bill Cid & John)
Red Faction Guerrilla (Completed to arbitrary stopping point, 26 episodes, all but Brian)
Lifeless Planet (Completed to Credits, 19 episodes, Bill Cid John and Brian)
Wizorb (Completed until spoke otherwise, 3 episodes, John and Bill)
Crypt of the Necrodancer (Incomplete, John Erik Cid and Bill)
Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Completed to game over, 14 episodes, John Cid Bill and Brian with guests David Ria and Bob)
Papers, Please (Incomplete, Bill Cid and John)
Orion Prelude (Completeish, Bill Cid John and Brian, 4 episodes)
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (Completed to credits, 25 episodes, Cid Bill and John)
Pretentious Game (Completed to Credits, 3 episodes, John Bill Brian and Guest Bob)
Fract OSC (Abandoned, 6 episodes, John Bill and Brian)
Cook, Serve, Delicious! (Completed to frownquit, 5 episodes, John Bill and Brian)
Magrunner (Completed to game failure, 9 episodes, Bill and John)
You Have To Win The Game (Completed to frownquit, 3 episodes, John Bill and Brian)
Tower of Guns (Completeish, 3 episodes, Bill Erik and John)
Spooky’s House of Jump Scares (Completed to credits, 18 episodes, John and Bill)
Dungeons & Dragons (Incomplete, everyone and guest Bob)
Hunie Pop (Complete, 17 episodes, Bill Erik & John)
Styx: Master of Shadows (Incomplete, likely discontinued, Brian Cid Bill & John)
Talos Principle (Completed to frownquit, 4 episodes, Brian Bill & John)
Deadly Premonition (Incomplete, possibly discontinued due to game stability issues, Bill Cid & John)
Leon’s Cool Game (Completed to “credits”, 2 episodes, John Bill & Brian)
Every Tomb Raider (Incomplete, John Erik & Bill)
Wolf Among Us (Completed to Credits, 28 episodes, John & Bill)
Dark Souls (Incomplete, Erik Cid Bill & John)
Metal Gear Solid V (Incomplete, Erik Cid Bill & John)
Love (Completed to Game Over, 2 episodes, John Cid & Bill)
Incredipede (Completed to barf limit, 3 episodes, John Cid & Bill)
Clustertruck (Completed to physical capability, 2 episodes, John & Bill)

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