Hey Sea Monkeys!  Welcome to the special page on just for you!

If you made it here, you’re probably wondering about this fancy-pants Sea Monkey Ventrilo server we’ve set up, and you’re in luck, ’cause we’ve got all the info you need to jump on!

Vent Server:
Port: 8755
Pass: crusheverything

Vent Client:

Channel Descriptions:
Conference Center – General game room and hangout place.
Monkey Tubs – Sea Monkey gathering areas. Use ’em for whatever.
Artemis Bridge – Is Artemis online yet? No idea.
*PNM Room – For our podcasting uses. It’s locked. You don’t wanna be there anyway.

The server currently only supports 20 simultaneous users, but if we start hitting that cap regularly, I can get a bigger server. If you guys notice it getting a little full in there, shoot me an email at

Enjoy and have fun guys! See you all next year!

  1. Tried today, didn’t work. Is this just a thing that is far in the past?

    • Sorry for the late response!
      Yes, unfortunately this is long gone. We are using a Discord page now, I’ll update this page tonight to have that link.

  2. Thank you for all your efforts. I’ll keep checking in.

  3. Worked fine for me! Thanks for setting this up. I hope it gets some use.

  4. Worth noting for new people!
    Sometimes Vent is real finicky, if you have troubles you should run as Admin.

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