Welcome to the Perpetual Noob Machine! This is a show hosted by Bill, Erik, and Cid. What we do is play a different free game every month, with you, the listeners! At the end, we’ll come back and share our stories and yours, and get some screenshots up in an upcoming gallery. There will also be prizes!
Game night is every Tuesday night (but go ahead and make friends, play at other times too if you want!), from 7-9pm cst, and we’ll have our Ventrilo server going.

Game Info for September 2015

Game of the Month: Guild Wars 2
Download link:
Server: n/a
Guild: n/a

Bill’s Handle: I forgot
Erik’s Handle: *Shrug?*
Cid’s Handle: Probably something with Cid in it
Naming Convention: Whatever you want

Monthly Challenges:
Most Awesome Person
Sickest Finishing Move
Coolest Character (Rolling Challenge)
Most likely to defect and join the aliens (Rolling Challenge)
Most promising music career

Technical notes: None yet

Vent Server:
We are now using our Sea Monkey Ventrilo server for all our PNM comms needs. Just log in and head into the PNM Room to start noobin’.

Port: 8755
Pass: crusheverything
PNM Room channel pass: butts

Contact Info
Email or call in your stories! If you do, we’ll either read or play yours on the show, if they’re /awesome/ or horrific. This is also where you send in those pictures of elf butts for the upcoming Elf Butt Monthly gallery. It’s all very exciting.
Vmail: 608-4NOOBS8

Also! Since the maintenance-forced time worked so well before, we’re going to be shaking things up some on our Tuesday night sessions moving forward! We might play more BGA, maybe some Artemis, who knows? Whatever we play, you should definitely join in.

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  1. Special Guest Erik

    The basketball game is actually pretty fun. People should check it out.

  2. There’s at least one attempt at a Grizzled War Vet story this month. Don’t let me win by being the only person to turn in a story in all the months of this challenge.

  3. Hey hey, nice playing with you guys last night 😀 See you in the next game!

  4. I’ve grabbed “AllShesGot” a male Imperial Agent. It strikes me that a Female might have made more sense with that name.

  5. Special Guest John

    Just in case any of you do a dyslexic google search like I just did, I want to let you know that this: is not the right website for October’s game.

  6. I accidentally a letter out of my username for S4, so please welcome BearlessWonder.

  7. Special Guest John

    Hah! I cant believe you are actually doing s4 league.

  8. I reversed the polarity on the comments, this should be muuuch better.

  9. Special Guest John

    Character name for july: Sisterred

    also UGH, ACTUALLY SPENT MONEY trying to buy some of them special discounted items on sale right now, but you have to be level 30?! But i want to turn into a panda NOOOOW

  10. I’m going to do a write up to post on the home page, by popular request. Also would be a good idea to reverse sort the comments…

  11. Special Guest Erik

    Hoo boy. Well, those of us that could get the game to work had fun clowning around. APB is an odd game as it doesn’t often work, but when it does, it provides one of the most fun online experiences around.

    Last night, the PPD (Bill, Cid, and I) went crim and created the “Crime Criminals”, the ne’er-do-well arch-nemeses of the heroic Team Awesome. So, if you’d rather give Lady Justice a pimp-slap instead of a love-tap, we’ve got that covered too.

  12. Scratch that, HERE are some screenshots.

  13. Some choice screenshots from the inaugural night of madness:

  14. OMG!, I feel scarred for life from playing APB. Free to play isn’t enough they should be giving me money to put up with that piece of crap. Anyways that games sucks balls, love the show, and keep up the great work.

  15. Sorry, guys. Couldn’t get it to work. It tested just fine but when it was time to play, it just wouldn’t work. I hope things went better for you than it did for me. Have fun!

  16. mine is goku4u and he is goku 😛

  17. It’s Steam. The site doesn’t like links for whatever reason.

  18. Is this a steam game or what? Where do you download the installation file from?

  19. You’ll have to download the game ahead of time. I honestly don’t know how avatars work, you probably have to register as a user.

  20. Is this something we have to download ahead of time or something?

  21. Why don’t I have a picture when I comment??

  22. 7-11 cst every Tuesday, updated page!

    Edit: I don’t know why my avatar is Eggbert, I never set that!

  23. Special guest Erik

    We can use my guild, Team Awesome. Anyone who signs up can get a free hat and awesome shirt! I’ll probably just use my character Westen.

  24. Made myself a character. Probably will be playing for the first time tomorrow.

    Username StacheOfHope (Enforcer)

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